Do you keep praying for something God has already answered? I think that is what I’ve been doing. As I read exodus 14 and the Lord asked Moses why were they standing there praying at the Red Sea when He had already told him what to do? Just do it. I think I’ve been stuck because I continue to pray or cry out for something I know God has answered.
There are many misconceptions on the identity of the Holy Spirit. Some view the Holy Spirit as a mystical force. Others understand the Holy Spirit as the impersonal power God makes available to followers of Christ. What does the Bible say about the identity of the Holy Spirit? Simply put – the Bible says that the Holy Spirit is God.
Christians today live in a fallen world filled with immorality, drunkenness, thievery and a host of other godless behaviors that corrupt the soul. Have you ever wondered why an all powerful God would subject those He loves to such degradation? If it were up to you or me we would have made everything perfect and Christians would simply lie on beds of ease.
Tell me how you would react if God came to you and told you to go to a place that you never new existed and He would bless you. Would that have been difficult for you? Maybe so, but what if He told you He would bless you to be a blessing and that because of you all people on the earth would be blessed.
Some things in life are so easy to understand and we tend to do them without giving it a second thought. Because at times life can be so mundane it’s my belief that we allow ourselves to develop set patterns for doing things. However, when it comes to living for and serving God we can not allow programmed habits to be the standard.
Unfortunately many people in the body of Christ come from homes that were filled with abuse, verbally and physically, neglect, and selfishness. Many of us received mental scars from our childhood that are controlling how we live today. It seems that many Christians are continuing to focus on the faults of their parents and society in general for their failures.
Over the past few months my heart has been grieved by what I’ve seen portrayed in our society today, but more importantly what’s being depicted in our churches. Unfortunately, many Christians have chosen to embrace the world’s standard for what is considered proper dress. However, we need to understand what the word of God has to say about how we, as believers, should mirror Christ-likeness.
When the opportunity arises I go out into the streets of Dallas, Texas to minister the Word of God. Before I go out, I pray that God will allow me to meet someone that desires to know Him and His son Jesus. I tell you God has never failed to answer that prayer. I always end up ministering to someone that seems to be expecting me.
We as parents know that the world has its own idea of how we should raise our children. However, the world’s view is in stark contrast to God’s. Society believes that providing our children with enough things, such as money, fancy clothes and electronic gizmos will take the place of true parenting.
We’re sure you’ve all heard the saying, “The family that prays together, stays together. Well, we can only begin to tell you how true this is. The bible teaches us in Matthew 18:20 that where two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus, there He will be in the midst of them. Many of us have been taught that once you are married it is for life, and rightly so.
The covenant of marriage between a man and a woman establishes these two into one flesh. There is not a more serious contract that a man can enter into like the bond of marriage. God is so serious about this issue that He said, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cling to his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”